Friday, December 24, 2004

Hair cloning for baldness? *blink* muchly tired, checkin email before frantic Xmas packing tradition commences. WebMD as usual has flooded my inbox with crazy mostly-hypochondriac-sounding email newsletters. I keep it coming, though, cuz occasionally I get stuff like this:

Hair Cloning. For, like, replacing lost hair..?

I think I'll just let it go, & get to the frantic packing...

Monday, December 20, 2004

Programming Issues

I'd just like to say that the inability to stop typing piece as 'peice' is really annoying. I even did it there. Grr....

[Also, working on a laptop for any length of time with a bad desk/chair is hurtful on the neck and back]
Back to hacking..

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Game Pieces

Here's a teaser. I spent 5 hours last night hacking a program to create all my tetris pieces for me, with any size, colors, and shapes I want. It even rotates it and draws the shading on the bevels correctly. PyGame is great. (It would have taken me much less, but I spent like 2 hours fiddling with a couple different math modules trying to get it to rotate a 2d array.. should have paid more attention in CSE 485 before I dropped it ^^)
Anyways, this piece is one of the new tetraminoes, thats going to be worth 3x the points, because it forces you to have a hole.
[For anyone interested, the script to make the peices is underdocumented and here]

Thursday, December 16, 2004


This game is going to scratch an itch.
In explanation: I just finished exams and this semester (woohoo, and thank god), so I'm trying to decide what to do with my 3 weeks off with the requirements that it involves coding in python. I've been meaning to write a game for a while, with the major setback that Blender doesn't seem to work on my laptop (but it does on all other computers, annoyingly). Blender was going to be too much of a learning curve anyways.
So, in a fit of Not Studying (tm), I played SolarWolf on Jim's Suze computer. Long story short, I was impressed by its cleaness, quickness, prettyness, pleasing to the earness, and other important things (like good gameplay). I immediately wanted to find out what it was made with, and to my pleasant surprize, found out it was written with pygame. [Well then, dad, you win.] My initial impressions of pygame, based on a quick download of one of their demo games was that it was clunky. This was a long time ago, and I think I was grouping it in with my initial impression of pythonCard, which was definitely not what I was looking for as a GUI solution (but now looks a lot better than I remember as well, and I recomended it to someone for some project they were doing).
To all those who worked on these projects: Great job, and thanks!
After reading an article on getting into game programming, now my plan for x-mas break is writing a Tetris clone. (muahahaha) My unique (maybe, probably not) spin on it is going to be a library of other pieces you can choose. (meaning other than the standard tetraminoes) I'm definitely going to build in a highscores thing so me and Rachel can battle to the death.. (still haven't come up with a name though)

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Sharkey 2: the Revenge

Why is it that as soon as I mention him here, the next day he goes and pulls a Haxor DaVinci?
I'm quite sure that one has nothing to do with the other, but, dangit. Now I'm linking to a etis rorrim.
What's funny is that knowing him, the site may be back to normal tomorrow, or gone. (yet again.)

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Sharkey, himself as ever

I revisit Sharkey's site about once a month, since he's not exactly posting real fast. But always, I come away entertained. However, this is the first time I have ever spewed hot chocolate all over my monitor. (In any context.)

..He starts off with a mouse pun halfway down the page, quickly veers into Gremlins humor, then Buddhism, and speeds up from there. It actually made me want to wander around in EQ2 being a wiseass. Looks like fun. I'm sure I could think of something. I don't know how detailed the EQ2 char creation thingie lets you be.
I wonder if it's possible to cobble together a Ferengi...

And as usual, the rest of his site & random links are also fun.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


They made mechs![TOYOTA.CO.JP] Woah! And they look cool, and anime like!
Woah.. !

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Exhaustion & X-Men make me giggle

Not really the X-Men themselves, I guess, but more the minor characters.
I stumbled across this site:

I was addicted! It's like an encyclopedia of chibi Marvel characters! Or rather, I guess that's what it *is*... ^_^
Some of the lesser-known characters have such ridiculous names/premises... there's the weird copycat ones, like theguy that's a Kingpin clone - but wearing a
fez, or the guy named Orbit who has lil jawbreaker lookin things orbiting his head, or the lady who has no shoulders, named Venus Deemillo! o_o
And you get to browse them and watch the little surprise GIF animations and look at bizarre versions of Wolverine & giggle.

Or at least, *I* giggle.

Prolly the Tilex fumes...

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Woof! ... Seriously??

Technology progresses in some utterly crazy directions.

Like Dog Translators developed by the Japanese...
brought to you by Sharper Image!!

some of the description...
Dog owners are convinced their dogs talk to them, right? It's true! And now Bow-Lingual, The Dog Translator can help you understand exactly what your "best friend" is trying to communicate. Bow-Lingual was developed by Dr. Norio Kogure, a PhD in veterinary medicine at Tokyo's Kogue Animal Hospital.
Working with leading scientists at the Japan Acoustic Laboratory, Dr. Kogure recorded hundreds of breeds and analyzed thousands of voice (bark) prints. Their intensive observations and analysis led them to categorize canine communication into six emotions — Happy, Sad, Frustrated, Needy, Angry and Assertive — and to create the first Animal Emotion Analysis System (AEAS), which is the sophisticated technology behind Bow-Lingual.




We HAVE to get someone this for Xmas! We have to!!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Neato desktop

I've just realized that my desktop is rather spiffy. Since OS X came out, I've been fiddling with icon mods, and other stuff, and currently this is the end result:

Spiff, no? ^_^
The background is generated by Fracture, a screensaver that generates fractals and lets you shuffle the color scheme while it's generating. And you can save the images you like! (I was impressed enought to pay for it.) I made the Fracture folder my desktop images folder, & it shuffles fractals randomly every 15 minutes. ^_^
Plus, I have this OTHER amazing screensaver, called Fluid. It's so cool. And adjustable!

And thank god, Mike's Dell is no longer Frelled. I un-frelled it. Much misery and dell-phone-support-incompetance was discovered, but I did it. yay, me.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Lycos Anti-spam plan overwhelms sites (BBC)

Interesting thing I found from Slashdot. Basically, Lycos made a screen saver that (instead of helping find aliens, or further genetic research, or something cool) sends packets to the websites of spammers to try to raise their bandwidth costs. Well, it was rather popular, and the spam websites are getting shut down by what amounts to a DDoS attack. (Lycos says that they were trying to just slow down, not shut down the sites) I have mixed feeling on this. Its cool that someone's trying to target the spammers, but who gets to say what the targets are? (these guys say they were innocently attacked by the screen saver after an actual spam company linked to pictures on their website) Worldstock, save up to 80% every day! Woohoo!
No, but seriously, I read this article about being sad in Q3 and Q4, and it mentioned that online shoppers might be going to places like (which is pretty much on online outlet.
The interesting and bloggable part of this is that they have a thing called Worldstock, which is a section selling "handcrafted goods from around the world"(TM). You can shop by country, including Ghana, Brazil, China, Tibet, and Nepal, to name a few, or you can shop by category (jewelry, rugs, home decor, etc.). They have some really neat looking things, like Cool Chinese Caligraphy, Chinese Jade Fish, and Rattan Head Pillow from Thailand. (It looks uncomfortable, but I think its similar to what the japanese used while sleeping on their mats on the floor. I'm fascinated by this, and always wanted to try it..)