Monday, September 19, 2005

Rodent Aggregate Tool

Take a Lookie!

This is my new project, which I'm really excited about. (This is one of those projects that came to me about an hour after I went to sleep) The more I think about it, the more I like it! (Also, I'm much happier on the inside now that I've made the decision to go Mac only)

The current development plan is to do it in Pygame and use PyObjC to handle drag and drop to/from the OS. Python makes me happy. Doing development on my Ti makes me happy. Lots and lots of drawing and scanning and animating to do, which also makes me happy because I've always wanted to try my hand at animating things.

The only things that make me unhappy art that my mac isn't internet connected right now, which stems from the fact that it doesn't get wireless signal where my PC does; I don't have a proper desk setup yet (pending on moving issues and money); and I have like no time right now to work on it.

But I am still excited about it. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

'Magic brush' paints visual world

This BBC news article is an interesting little tid bit. Kimiko Ryokai invented a brush that has a camera in it for picking up color or movie clips, and a electronic canvas for painting on. I think kids' response to it was really interesting, turning a painting into a story.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Can you play Sudoku with your fingers crossed?

So, I'm trying to segway myself out of posting stressed-out rantings. Towards that end, I'm walking around with crossed fingers this morning. This is mostly because I have to help move an ungodly heavy mattress across 3 states today. And guess who I'm moving it with. I'll give you a clue - I'm related to them, and they don't have mossy blogs. : (

But since I have drafted my Extra-Large-And-Awesome Michael to help on the NY end, I'm hopeful that things will not be a disaster. It's good to hope, right?

So here's the good news:
I found a free sudoku site! on the web!

I can live with not being able to leave notes in the squares, what with the cross-platform-ness and free-ness and everything.