Friday, March 14, 2008

PyCon 2008: Collaborative Notes?

I'm in the keynote at PyCon 2008, and I'm wondering if there are going to be people doing the SubEthaEdit Collaborative note thing this year. The last con I went to (2005), we took quite a few of these notes, and it was really a lot of fun. If you guys are out there, drop me a note: I'm Linden Wright on Bonjour and Kusmeroglu on AIM.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Grails Date Trick

If you have a Date field in one of your domain classes, for instance:
class Person{
String Name
Date Birthday
and you're struggling to figure out a way to get stuff into it without explicitly creating a date and converting strings or integers into it, Grails provides a handy (yet not documented?) set of properties for you. In our example, I could set birthday_year, birthday_month, birthday_day, birthday_hour, etc.. I found this by digging in the scaffolded views and figuring out how they render the tag. Now, maybe you don't have to dig.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Font choices, anyone?

I've run into this a couple times, and I find it quite handy, so I'm sharing it for all. It's a list of common windows fonts, their mac equivalents, and the fall back font-family specifier. Plus, everything is in it's own font, so you can see what you're choosing.

Just another css developer's link. I'm on a roll here.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Color Scheme Generator by WellStyled

Perhaps one of the best color scheme tools I've run across. Simple clean interface, great set of options. I like the rest of WellStyled's website as well, an interesting way to deal with multiple languages.

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet

I took latin in high school and college (after a failed attempt to take Chinese.. love drawing the characters, hate trying to translate spoken Chinese), so the latin text popular to layout designers and typesetters always appealed to me. Here's a useful site that will generate as much of the text as you need, in paragraphs, lists, bytes, etc. I've used it a couple times before, just thought I'd share it with everyone. (Hint, View Source to copy/paste the useful stuff). Ah, good old Lorem Ipsum. As an aside, someone took Is it strange that that phrase reminds me of my childhood?