Sunday, February 27, 2005

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Photo Gallery (See-Through Loo)

(See-Through Loo)
Hahaha.. :)

Cabinet National Library

What Craziness is this? Its some sort of harebrained idea by some guys with magazines, but its really cool. Next time I'm roadtripping, I'll make sure to go there.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Octopus Arms May Point Way to New Robot Designs

This is a fascinating article. Basically the idea is that an octopus has 8 long arms, and the way that they control them easily and still do complex things without getting tangled may lead to designs allowing robots to have long flexible arms. (Like Doc Oc of Spiderman)

An interesting thing is that once an octopus grabs some food, it makes the arm into a "semi-ridgid structure that bends to form quasi joints. Just as a human arm has joints at the shoulder, elbow, and wrist that allow our arms to bend and rotate, the octopus bends its arm to forming three segments of roughly equal length."

Thats pretty cool.