Monday, April 30, 2007

Cygwin is my secret hero

In trying to develop in C on my Windows machine at work *nails scratching on blackboard here*, I installed Cygwin. At first, I only used it when I had to, but today, I noticed myself using it constantly. Thank the gods for decent command line on windows. And GCC. I was getting tired of lugging my personal laptop in just to do some coding. I guess when you learn everything in a *nix environment, it's just a pain to get anything done in windows.

ls > dir any day of the week.

Spring In Florida

Purple Trees
Originally uploaded by Kusmeroglu.
I've been taking pictures all over the place, this is an awesome place to live for photo-ops. We don't have season changes, the *only* difference between winter and spring so far has been the slight rise in temperature, and these gigantic purple trees. They're quite surprising at first, when you're driving along, and there's a shock of purple over the road.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Fireworks Photos

We watched some fireworks off of the St Petersburg pier from a boat this weekend, and I went a little crazy taking pictures of fireworks. Some of them actually came out really nicely, as long as you cropped them right. Very abstract-arty. You can check out the lot of them here on flickr.